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Variable Outcomes

Witchful Thinking

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A card game of witches brewing potions by adding ingredients into the cauldron.
Players:2 - 4
Time:10 min

Some people make and sell bread for a living, while other people make and sell shoes. You, on the other hand, are a witch and you make and sell potions with other witches. You and the other witches are competing against each other to be the first to make each potion. Each potion requires a specific balance of ingredients. All you have to do is add in the right final ingredient to make the potion, and the potion is yours! Whoever has the most potions when the game is over wins.
Witchful Thinking is a mathematics-based card game of mixing ingredients of different numerical values in a cauldron to produce a potion of equal value. Each Ingredient card has a number ranging from -5 to +5 and each Potion card has a number ranging from -19 to +18. Players race to adjust the formula in the cauldron by adding ingredients until the correct potion value is made. Once a player has the correct value, they win that potion!

Witchful Thinking is a great educational resource to familiarize children with numeracy and to strengthen their mental math ability in both addition and subtraction. It's challenging for adults too!

The game designer of Witchful Thinking is a teacher and has a Bachelor of Education degree with a specialization in Elementary Mathematics.

Witchful Thinking provides learners, who are not yet familiar with number sequence, with Spell Book cards that contain a number chart ranging from -20 to +20 that they can keep near them which will help them check their answers and strategize.
Witchful Thinking is designed to allow learners to practice mathematics at their own pace. For example, only play with Potion cards with a value of +6 or greater and Ingredient cards that equal positive numbers for learners who are only familiar/comfortable with addition. Once the learner feels comfortable to move on to negative numbers, introduce the remaining Potion cards and Ingredient cards into the game.

If learners are looking for an extra challenge, include the Wild Ingredient cards into the deck. When a Wild card enters play, players must assign a number to that card ranging from -5 to +5. These Wild cards serve as an introduction to algebra.
Character cards offers 2 unique abilities that players can use during the game. These cards will increase the replayability factor for Witchful Thinking which will keep learners interested, but more importantly, these cards will offer an extra challenge for learners who are looking to strengthen their mathematics skills.
Finally, included in Witchful Thinking are Addition & Subtraction cards that learners can use during normal gameplay for an added challenge. Simply insert the Addition or Subtraction cards in-between the Ingredient cards to see how the Cauldron Value will be affected. Alternatively, learners can create equations with the Ingredient cards and the Addition & Subtraction cards for extra practice.

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