Publisher Information

Who are we?

InDiPro is the Distribution arm of Attention Span Games, a self-publishing company that produces tabletop RPG’s, board games, and related accessories.

Founded by Will Carson, Attention Span has undergone many flavors over the years, and while it’s various divisions have always focused on supporting indie artists in all mediums, his current projects revolve primarily around several new board games and a fantasy novel series that began releasing in 2021.

Why work with InDiPro?

  •  No minimum quantity:
    • Many distributors require thousands of copies, we are willing to work with very low quantity counts.
      In fact, one thing we LOVE to do is help clear out the end of your print run, whether you’re about to do a second run or simply ready to retire the product, we’ll help you get those last few cases out of storage and into the hands of gamers.
  • No successful track record required:
    • Some distributors want to see you with up to SIX successful games (or a MASSIVE Kickstarter) before they will even talk to you!
    • While we do want to carry only high quality games, we love working with first time designers and self-publishers to help you avoid common pitfalls and save you money on manufacturing and freight (ask us how!).
  • Self-publishing expertise:
    • Our founders are game designers and self-publishers as well, we have over a decade of experience releasing games to market; so we know the ins and outs of small publishing, and can help your game get into the marketplace.

What does InDiPro offer?

  • Industry Standard: 40% SRP.
    • We run on a consignment model so you’ll get your payouts monthly as we make sales. (like an agent, we only get paid IF we sell your game)
  • Live Tracking Documents
    • See exactly how many units we have on hand, how much we owe you, etc.
    • Track sales progress and popularity over time.
  • Warehousing
    • Available at as low as $0.35/cuft/month.
  • Fulfillment
    • Fulfillment options for kickstarter, release, or just web sales.
  • In-Person Sales Team
    • Conventions:
      • We attend several conventions and live events throughout the year, and will sell/promote your products to attendees.
    • Retailers:
      • While most distributors rely on catalog and phone sales that aren’t very effective for lesser known games, we visit stores in the Pacific Northwest in person on a regular basis to show off new products and remind them of past favorites. We also offer staff training on how to play and sell each products they decide to carry.
      • The relationships we develop with our stores allows us to make personalized recommendations and builds trust between them and the indie publishers we represent.
  • Digital Sales
    • Email Newsletter
      • Sent to retailers around the globe (primarily N. America)
      • Every product in our catalog gets Featured on a rotational (and seasonal, for thematic games) basis, so retailers will always be reminded of your products.
      • This solves a common problem in other distributors’ catalogs as they tend to only focus on the newest hot games and evergreens, while older products get buried and forgotten about within a few months.
    • Our Website makes it convenient for retailers and the general public to order your products online, we offer them free shipping at $300, one of the lowest minimum orders in the industry. Because of this, many retailers will order a set of games they were already interested in, and then “top off” with other products to see how well they sell, then they often place a larger order the next time!

How to Get Started?

Email us: Tell us a little about your game. If there's a how to video available, put that link in there.

From there if we would like to continue, we will send you a copy of the contract so you can see the specifics of how we work, and we'll request a copy of the game for us to play and see the production quality.

If we think your game is a good fit for our catalog, we will get the contract signed, request a shipment of games, and begin the onboarding process.