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Norwester Games

Stitches: A Card Game of Monstrous Proportions

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Each player starts off as a reanimated body (à la Frankenstein’s monster) and upgrades their body parts by attacking other players or scavenging from a central market, trying to become strong enough to defeat the Abomination.
Players:3 - 7
Time: 30 min

Stitches is a semi-co-op fast-paced brawling card-game for 3-7 players. You play a cast-off thesis project from Franken State University, left to fend for yourself in the Dark Woods. Upgrade your appendages by Scavenging from the woods or Attacking your fellow monsters, learning language as you go. Once you’re strong enough, attack the Abomination to win! Words optional.

You start with five cards, a head, torso, legs and two arms. Each round you’ll choose whether to spend the Stitches you’ve earned to Scavenge a new part from a common pot, or to Attack your fellow monsters and take one of their limbs instead. As you attack each other you’ll learn new words, giving you more options than just growling and grunting to communicate. Once your monster is strong enough, attack the Abomination to try and win the game, pulling in any other players who have words in common. But beware! The King will fight back…

Stitches uses a simple Rock-Paper-Scissors mechanic for combat that is easy to understand but can lead to some surprisingly deep decisions. Players decide whether to Scavenge or Attack simultaneously, then resolve their chosen action in turn order. The semi-co-op mechanic of teams building as the game continues sets a natural limit to how each game lasts.


  • Communicate as a monster, grunting and growling your limited vocabulary
  • Eye-catching art for each of the starting humans, the eight monsters, and the four Abominations, illustrated by Kyle Ferrin (Vast: The Crystal Caverns)
  • An easy-to-learn but surprisingly deep Rock-Paper-Scissors combat mechanic
  • Plays in 15 to 20 minutes, making it an engaging and humorous opener or an evolving game over multiple rounds
  • Lead other monsters in battle against the Abomination or try to take it on by yourself
  • Family-friendly: kids love the art and pick up the combat quickly because everyone knows Rock-Paper-Scissors