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The Original Reverse Engineering Party Dice Game
Players:3 - 10
Time:30 + mins

REVENGINEERS! is a 3 to 10-player party game.

You and your fellow Revengineers are in a race to reverse engineer computer “viruses”, so that the Cybercrime Division can trace them to their source and catch the hackers in their hideouts.

Each player takes it in turn to become a “virus”, and draws 1 to 3 Program Cards. The other players use dice rolls as inputs for that virus program. The Virus Player looks at the dice rolled, and speaks the output, as described by their Program Cards. This continues until one of the Revengineers successfully determines what the Program Cards say.

With increasing levels of difficulty, this game is exciting for all players, ages 8 and above. If you can read, and do basic arithmetic, you can play this game.


More Details:
This game focuses on developing, what we call, “Algorithmic Multivariate Destructuring”. That is to say, it teaches people how to isolate and solve for an unknown number of variables in an unknown problem set.

What is SUPER-DUPER interesting is that, as you play, you develop a cognitive algorithm for solving algorithms and unknown problem sets. Therefore, you need increasing complexity to challenge you further. We got you covered!

This base set has 3 levels of difficulty, or “Threat Levels”, with expansions on the way!

Threat Level 1 = 5 Variables, and 36 possible programs.
Threat Level 2 = 8 Variables, and 1152 possible programs.
Threat Level 3 = 13 Variables, and 40,320 possible programs.

The artificial competitive race against other players increases both the pressure and fun, but it also gives more chances for players to test their ongoing internal hypotheses with every single role of every single player. Leveraging both observation and conjecture, you could win the day, without rolling a single die.

78 x 16mm D6 Pip Dice, Assorted Colors
20 x 25mm Disc Tokens
Virus Card
Organization Tray
32 x IF Program Cards
36 x DO Program Cards
3 x 16mm Threat Level Dice (Blue, Yellow, & Red)
1 x Spanks The Clown Sticker