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Solis Game Studios

Pocket Paragons

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Throw down in this exciting 3-minute duels in this asymmetric crossover fighting game.
Players:2 - 2
Time:3 - 15 min

Updated in 2nd printing:

Promo cards from the first printing for each set, are now in the box for the 2nd printing, meaning that instead of coming with 6 characters per box, you now get 8!

The origins box also comes with 2 more bonus characters and AI cards for a Solo Mode.

Fast and portable action in your pocket! Designed by Brian McKayPocket Paragons is a quick and deceptively simple game of big spells and big reads. Take their HP down to 0 or deliver a carefully placed Execute to take your opponent out in an instant! Every turn is intense and no moment is safe in Pocket Paragons. 

Multi-series Crossover Battles

Pocket Paragons is a crossover series! Mix Pocket Paragons boxes from various series and see who the true Paragon is! Pocket Paragons original characters along side characters from Temporal Odyssey, A.E.G.I.S., and Rivals of Aether, Acquisitions Incorporated, Space Lion, and many more to come.

Craft the perfect team

Choose 3 characters. When one of them is defeated, choose one of their abilities to pass down to the next team member. Consider ability synergies and timing to make the strongest team! Using your character, as a starter, mid, or anchor has massive effects on the flow of the game!

How to play

Learning How to Play: