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Paws and Padlocks

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A family-friendly dungeon crawler where you play as adventurers breaking into Slime Castle to steal the evil Slime Queen’s treasure.
Players:2 - 4
Time:30 - 60 min
Genre:Dungeon Delver

The evil Slime Queen has stashed her most valuable treasures within her fortress known as Slime Castle. This has attracted many adventurers from far and wide, including yourself, to try and nab her majesty's treasures! Will you be quick enough to get your treasure and escape before everyone else, or will you be trapped inside Slime Castle forever?

Build your path to the treasure by laying out room cards on the board and try to mess up the other players' path along the way. While exploring the castle, you can fight Slime Monsters, open Treasure Chests, find interesting Items, and trigger Events that change up the game!


The adventurers are using Bronze, Silver, and Gold keys produced by their Magic Key Ring to explore the castle.They hope to collect Krystal Keys, the only keys that can unlock the treasure rooms with all of the Queen's treasure.

The object of the game is to be the first player to escape Slime Castle with one of the Queen's Treasures!

*Now includes the FREE Royal Expansion!*
4 New Adventurer cards & matching tokens
5 New Items
3 New Events
1 Wander Inn Extension card
4 Royal Keys & matching Royal Lock tokens
1 Double-sided Rule card