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Mini Blitz Games

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Create your Battlefield, Equip your Army, and Build your Victory. Who's in your Army?
Players:2 - 4
Genre:Wargaming, Minis, Roleplay

Blitz Built Games is the card game that brings a core rule system to your favorite characters.  Use one of the four Mini Blitz decks to equip four of your Lego​TM Minifigs with Medieval, Firearms, Lasers, or Magical Equipment. ​We provide a unique system made to open up into any and all of your favorite genres and you provide the rest.  Bring your own characters, victory conditions, and game style.

20th Century brings firearms and explosives to your army.

Arcanum brings Jinxes, Charms, and Cruxes.

Beyond Earth brings futuristic tech and lasers to your army.

Medieval brings sharp weapons and pointy objects to your army.