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Aaron Ramsby's Midnight Zombie Marathon

Midnight Zombie Marathon

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Push your luck, dodge our family friendly zombies, and find a way out of town so you can survive the horde somewhere safe.
Players:1 - 4
Time: 10-15 min
Genre:betting/press your luck

Welcome to the page of MZM, sit down and take a load off...while you still can. Earl, our fun, friendly and crazy old man will be your host, and he has everything ready for you. Use the MZM deck to run through the sewers right below your feet from the safety of your couch.

Push your luck, dodge our family friendly zombies, and find a way out of town so you can survive the horde somewhere safe. Tie or exceed each card's value to either collect or outrun your zombie friends. Play by yourself for a quick laugh in about 5 minutes, or bring in some friends to enjoy the fun with you for a 10-15 minute game.

MZM is easy to learn and even easier to play and enjoy.  Are you ready to run?

This game can be played by yourself or with up to 4 people, and when you bring in more people you are not limited by what is in the deck. When it's a multiplayer game, you've got to try to beat 10 rounds in total as you race through the sewers.

If you can get the most supplies from your friends in that time, you get a ride out of town with me in my sweet pickup. I got some new 8-tracks that are just begging for a listen. It's gonna be great!


MZM – Midnight Zombie Marathon

When Crazy Earl told us that Aliens were coming, we did not believe him. That did not stop him though. He put all his supplies into the sewer to protect them from tractor beams. Little did we know, zombies would soon infest the sewers and slowly take over your town.

Run, Dive and Dash your way past Zombies in the sewers. Find the hidden treasures of gas and food and barter your way out of town. If you are lucky enough, you might even find old Earl or his crash test dummy in your fun and crazy adventures.

This 1-4 player game is rated 13+ and comes with an easy to play rule book and personal deck with unique zombies to plague your adventures.

Single Player:

Game play revolves around running through the sewers to collect enough gas and food to barter with so you can get a ride out of town. Sounds easy right? We recommend you try to be careful because there is a limited amount of cards in the deck. The zombies will pop out of you, give you hugs and then go back into the deck. This creates a fun, creative and fun horde mechanic that is both simple and exciting. Can you get all you need before you have nothing left but zombies left in your deck?


There is only one seat in Earl's truck, and with so many people buying for it, it is up to you to out collect your friends.

While this setup is designed to work much like single player mechanic wise. The cards are no longer discarded, but go back into the deck to provide nonstop fun. With only ten rounds, you need to collect all you can before your friends do. How can you do this? Simple, bet your friends during their turn to try to wrestle their cards away from them and into your personal pile. Once all the players have a single card of their own, betting opens up and allows you to bet, roll and do whatever it takes to win. Do not worry... The zombie horde is still trying to hug its way to your brains, but can you outpace them and wave goodbye to your friends?

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