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Attention Span Games

Laser Metal

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Welcome to Laser Metal. The Pocket RPG all about Lasers... and Metal...
Players:3 +
Genre:Heavy Metal/Sci-FI RPG
Welcome to Brutalia, a world that thrives on violence, the cheer of the crowd, and the mysterious force known only as... "The Metal".

Old Blue went bad, so we left it behind. Just another dead hunk of rock floating through space to the silent drum beat of oblivion. We found new places to call home. This is the story of one of those places.

Laser Metal. The pocket tabletop RPG all about Lasers... and Metal... If you love science-fiction, heavy metal. and role-playing then Laser Metal just might be the thing to complete you. Come rock with us and add your name to the list of backers that will be immortalized in Valhalla.

Laser Metal is the second game in Attention Span Games’ line of pocket sized RPGs, our mix and match line of stand-alone RPGs. In 2014 we brought you DnDizzle, our 80-90s Hip Hop parody of table top role playing. Now we bring you the Heavy Metal Scifi addition to this comedic series. Both games, as well as each other game we have planned in the series, are stand-alone games that run on the same system. This allows players to either play any single game, or mix and match them as they see fit. So if you already have DnDizzle and would like to add some Metal to your Hip Hop, this is for you. If you are a fan of Diz or really want to play LM but believe those are two worlds that should stay on separate concert stages, worry not, we will have more genres for you to mix into your table top pot.