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Front Line: Kameradenschwein FLNK [Expansion]

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Backstabbing is literally the name of the game in this fantastic expansion for Front Line No Komrades!
Players:3 - 8
Time:10 min/player
The campaigns draw ever onward. The Kommissar is nowhere to be found. And just when our hapless conscripts thought matters could not worsen further, new recruits from the West (or the East depending where you stand) have arrived, and they bring with them a new cast of luckless conscripts, the Kameradenschweine, fresh-faced and witless, suffering their very own whips and scorns of outrageous fortune.

Behold, the malicious Kommandant as he marches this new troupe of characters off to their respective fate with all the zeal and vaingloriousness of his erstwhile companion. The Kameradenschweine may be fast friends, but they are also pig-friends, and the very best kind at that! All this and so much more in this, our second expansion for Front Line No Komrades, KAMERADENSCHWEINE.

Kameradenschweine is a tremendous new expansion for the hit card game Front Line No Komrades.

Kameradenschweine continues the fast-paced card game of survival with a whole new cast of conscripts, but also offers expansive play possibilities, including new Events, Maneuvers, Equipment, and Incoming! Cards, as well as new mission scenarios for the our lovable but rag-tag group of conscripts.

2-8 payers. 20 mins, ages 8+.

Please note: A copy of the original FRONT LINE NO KOMRADES is needed to play KAMERADENSCHWEINE