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Just Tell Me What To Do

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We get it. Life is full of hard decisions, so let others tell us what to do in this good natured party game.
Players:4 - 8
Time:30 mins

It's time to get the party started.

Bring the fun with Just Tell Me What to Do, a game perfect for: parties and game nights with your friends, coworkers, your kids...or that one relative you don't want to talk you suggest a game over the holiday dinner instead. 

More info:

  • EASY TO LEARN rules: takes only one minute to learn!
  • HOW TO PLAY: a judge reads a decision they're making, then other players deal out advice from famous comedians and argue why their advice is BEST
  • JUDGE'S CHOICE: the winner of each round is chosen by the rotating judge who's the decision maker
  • HILARIOUS: you and your friends will crack each other up

How to play in more detail:

Have you ever struggled with how to make a big, tough life decision like, Should I marry a mime? Or, Should I jump into a pit of sharks for Youtube???

We get it. Life is full of hard decisions, so we put the BIG questions in life like these into a game, Just Tell Me What to Do. Each round, a decision-maker reads aloud a decision they're making. Other players advise them using Advice Cards from famous comedians, authors, and that wisest of sages, Anonymous.

Each player gets 45 seconds (!) to argue why their advice is best, and then they're awarded with the decision card. You win if you get 4, but honestly, it's a party game, who's keeping score?!