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Emperor S4

Jiguan: The Eastern Mechanist

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Asian steampunk theme, to acquire gears to build different mechanical beasts.
Players:2 - 4
Time:45 - 90min
Genre:Drafting/Set Collection
Jiguan - a form of ancient Chinese science and mechanical engineering. In the old days powerful weapons and machine of Jiguan were so advanced that the common people believes it to have mysterious powers.

As a master mechanist in Jigūan: The Eastern Mechanist, it is your job to acquire parts, obtain energy, improve your skills and complete your creation. Your goal is to advance your place in the Five Pagodas, by creating unique mechanical beasts. Your creations not only bring you honor but also contribute to the advancement of Eastern civilization.

Players must acquire parts to build mechanical beasts, so they can advance their place on the Five Pagodas, receive new blueprints or bonus cards. When the Parts supplies run out, the the current Period ends and score is calculated. There are two Periods in the game, at the end of the game the player with the most Honor Points (VP) wins.