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JailBird Games


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A bird-themed party card game where you frame your friends for crimes
Players:3 - 6
Time:15 - 30 min
Genre:Take That

JAILBIRD: A bird-themed party card game about framing your friends for crimes. Plant incriminating evidence on other players to send them to jail (and out of the game) and fight to be the last bird standing. An easy to learn party game for both kids and adults that’s great entertainment for those into framing their friends and family for bird related crimes. Fast paced competitive play with simple-to-learn rules that let you get started right away.

HOW TO PLAY: Draw through a deck of Evidence, Action, Response, and Bird-Police cards. Use Action cards to get rid of Evidence cards and use Response cards to prevent other players from giving Evidence cards to you. Once someone draws a Bird-Police card, a Police Raid takes place. The person with the most Evidence cards in hand at the end of the Raid is sent to jail and is out of the game. The last player standing wins!

CONTENTS: This little birdy’s card game featuring 64 Cards, made up of police cards, response cards, evidence cards and action cards. The card game can be played by 2 to 6 players, for ages 7+.

How to play