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Lord of the Chords

Interval Initiate

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A fast-paced, strategic game featuring music intervals and all your favorite composers in fantasy roles!
Players:2 - 6
Time:10 - 20 Mins
Genre:Dexterity / Educational
Interval Initiate:
Form the strongest team of Initiates over 3 rounds to collect the most Intervals! A fast-paced, strategic game featuring music intervals and all your favorite composers in fantasy roles!

Pick Initiates like Rogue-maninoff, Bach-barian, Debussniper, and more!

Players take turns to play Note cards down and the first player to SLAP any Interval Card that matches the Intervals between the Note cards gets to claim it!

If you're unsure about the Interval, refer to the innovative Interval Wheel for the correct answer!

A new Initiate is recruited after every round, so come-bachs are frequently orchestrated and victory is never assured until the very last SLAP!

What you get:
  • 84 Note Cards (Different from LOTC)
  • 41 Interval Cards
  • 25 Initiate Cards
  • Innovative Interval Wheel
  • Rulebook
Clearer diagrams and image-based explanations coming soon!

  • The game is played over 3 rounds. Set aside 10 Interval cards (known as the River) for each round. Open one Note card and one Interval card and place them in the center of the table.
  • At the start of each round, reveal n+1 number of Initiates (where n is the number of players) and each player picks an Initiate. 

  • The number on the top left depicts the number of Note cards you can draw for that round. Initiates usually have abilities but Bach-barian isn't really known for his finesse which is made up for by his extraordinarily high card count.

  • After everyone has drawn Notes, the player with the most Notes goes first. Play a Note onto the left or right of the first Note. (After the first player goes, there will only be 2 piles and players can decide which pile they want to place a Note on.)

  • Once a player places a Note down onto either pile, if the Interval from the left pile to the right pile matches a revealed Interval card, any player may quickly slap that Interval card. The first player to slap it gets it. Slapping usually triggers Initiate abilities!
  • A wrong slap results in a penalty of discarding one Note. If no Interval in the Interval River was slapped that turn, reveal another Interval card into the River.
How to play Interval Initiate
  • Once a player runs out of Note cards, they are done for that round. The round ends when all players have exhausted their Note cards or there are no more Interval cards left to reveal in the River.
  • Set aside another 10 Intervals and reveal another n+1 Initiates. The player with the least Intervals from the previous turn gets to choose first (they can also pick a Hero-tier Initiate if they prefer) so that the strongest player doesn't always dominate!

  • The player with the highest number of Intervals at the end of 3 rounds is the winner!

Difficulty can be changed by taking out certain cards or only playing Notes on one pile so that the Intervals are all relative to a certain Key.d