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Hooch Stooges

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Hooch Stooges' innovative mechanics ask you to risk your contraband before using it.
Players:2 - 6
Time:45 min
Genre:Deck Building Territory Control
Welcome to Megacityopolis... the most hooch infested city during the roaring dandies. Become a boss and recruit your stooges, then conquer your rival bosses and control Megacityopolis in this innovative territory control game with a strong deck building backbone.
  • Randomized turf for replay value.
  • Amass an army of stooges under your control.
  • Evade the police as you build a criminal empire.
  • Build up your hooch as you perform criminal acts.
  • Battle it out against the other crime lords as you increase your turf.

    • 40+ unique location cards.
    • 42 Character cards.
    • 48 Action cards.
    • 60 Starter cards.
    • 100+ Hooch tokens.

how to play in 4 minutes