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Far Away

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Far Away is a cooperative game about discovery, survival, and the crushing loneliness of being the only two humans for light years.
Players:2 - 3
Time:90 - 150 min
Genre:HEXploration/Survival Campaign

Hello recruits!

Welcome to the Far Away (FA) program, sponsored by the Federation Alliance (FA).
Thank you for your interest in becoming interstellar explorers.

Our program sends two people to unknown planets in a grand, cooperative exercise.
You and your partner will brave the forces of nature on exotic worlds as you forage for sustenance, establish Federation outposts, and fend off hostile beasts.

For legal purposes, we must tell you the world is not your only enemy; being isolated from humanity wears a dangerous toll on your psyche. But we trust you two are fully capable of braving the universe without suffering anything colloquially called Space Madness.

Trust in your partner is paramount since, without radios, you can't communicate (in real life) after separating on the game board.

Survive, and you'll be rewarded with a meager paycheck.
Succumb to the planet, and you'll find help is too Far Away.

Note this is the second printing, a few things have changed:

  • Improved Creature Art
  • Resource cube colors have changed to make them more discernable.
  • Slightly bigger box, so you can actually close it once you have punched everything out.
  • Organization tray.