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Rainbow Starlight

Expansive Universe

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A galaxy of adventure awaits in Expansive Universe! This fast-paced game has many paths to victory: explore your planet, attempt missions on enemy planets, dominate the galactic core with your armada, or engage in ground combat! Align your choice of faction: the mysterious Robotocense, the strict, Galaxernment, the mystical Sorcerons, or the savage Wartribe! Assemble your crew and build your fleet! Unlimited science fiction stories are contained in Expansive Universe!
GAME GENRE: Sandbox Adventure Cards

Expansive Universe is like a deckbuilding game without the deck. Everything comes straight into play from the lineup, to maximize the story. In this game you can build armadas of space ships and exert dominance over the galaxy, assemble a crew to sneak spaceships to far off planets to complete exotic missions, battle other crews in ground combat featuring laser pistols and sonic swords, and protect your home planet from invasion. Everything is worth points, giving Expansive Universe a sandbox adventure feel.

150 Cards
44 Punch-Out Tokens
Rule Book


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