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Escape Deathrace 2182 Micro

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A tile placing, road building, race car themed, dungeon crawl game for 1-4 players.
Players:1 - 4
Time:15 - 30 mins
Genre:Tile Placement/Battle
Available in an 11 pack with display box for the price of 10
Escape Deathrace 2182 is a big game in a small tin. It is a tile placing, road building, race car themed, dungeon crawl game that puts 1-4 players against 3 sub bosses, 1 final boss, and each other. It has lots of replayability with 6 playable characters each with their own unique abilities.
Players must use power cards, weapon drops, events, and road tiles to be the last person standing on the helipad in order to be rescued.

The year is 2182.

Your galaxy has been taken hostage by an evil alien race known as the Zillian. The Zillian leader, Twisted foOk, has locked down several planets with his hordes of OMG-Zilla serpent creatures, and even reprogrammed your own automated robotic defense, into unhappy Death Turrets. Armed with his Electromagnetic Golden Monkey Wrench Staff, Twisted foOk has transformed the land into a Deathrace. Calling himself the Race Master, he has placed his minions at different check points in hopes of thwarting the Heroes on their rally to destroy him! Atop the highest peak he waits for the strongest Hero to survive his newest Deathrace in an attempt to beat him at his own game...

There are only six individuals (and one robotic drone) that have what it takes to stop the threat of the current Zillian assault. With the power of their "almost magical" race cars, unique special abilities, and gritty personalities, there is still a chance to save the world! Or at the very least themselves. Unfortunately, these possible Heroes are not all friends. Some even enemies!

Frenemies or not, there can only be one survivor. How can they work together against a common foe when only one can survive?...Let's find out!

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