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Dinos Not Assembled

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An adorable dinosaur excavation adventure for the whole family!
Players:2 - 4
Time:20 min
Genre:Set Collection
This version includes the Kickstarter Limited Exclusive mini- expansion with two new dinos to add to your game! The Sail and Tail dinos! This mini- expansion adds in a Dimetrodon and an Anklyosaurus! New dino cards, New dino meeples, and New tiles to expand your game, and a Dinos coloring book! In Dinos Not Assembled, you and your fellow players are paleontologists competing for a contract by a museum curator, looking to put together a new dinosaur exhibit.
Each player is assigned an exhibit display area on the game board and starts with 2 dinosaur cards in hand. Each dinosaur card has 3 bones that are required to build the dinosaur.
Bones are displayed as face-up tiles at a common dig site. A player can acquire bone tiles by either digging out 2 of the available bones at the dig site or by stealing a bone tile from another player.
Bone tiles are stored on each player's board, but players only have room to store up to 4 bones at once.
Once bones are taken from the dig site, tiles are pulled from a bag to replace them.
Players may also draw new dinosaur cards, from the facedown deck of dinosaurs.
Players may only take 1 action on their turn. Draw and/or discard a dinosaur card, take 2 bones tiles from the dig site, steal a bone from a player, or build a dinosaur.
When a player has the 3 bones necessary to build the dinosaur, they take a dinosaur meeple and place it at their exhibit on the game board. The first player to place 3 dinosaur meeples in their exhibit wins the contract and the game.