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Desert Island

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Work together to get the signal fire lit in hopes of being rescued, but watch out, fate may have different plans.
Players:4 - 6
Time:60 mins
Genre:Hidden objective

Desert Island is the stand alone sequel to “Lifeboat”.

It takes the same characters and similar mechanics onto a desert island. It repurposes the original mechanics in a way that improves lifeboat by giving each space something special and each character’s actions meaningful to the fate effects at the end of the turn.

Each turn represents a week on the desert island. You are working together to get the signal fire lit in hopes of being rescued. Each turn, you’ll draw 2 fate cards and play one of them. The value on the fate card puts a fate token on a place and the name on it puts a fate token on a person. At the end of the round, the player with the most total fate markers on their place and person has something bad happen to them. The number on the card also powers the effectiveness of your action (how much food you find, or your vigor in a fight, etc.)

At the end of the turn, you check to see if the signal fire gets closer to attracting rescue or goes out. Something bad happens to the character with the most fate tokens. Everybody has to eat their size in food.

It is a little more euro than Lifeboat. I love it. I hope you will too!