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Ragnarokr Games

Death of the Party

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This is a hidden identity Clue-style party game that can be played by 4-6 people across two rooms, or by 6-9 people across across two or three rooms.
Players:4 - 9
Time:60 min
Genre:Murder Mystery

Death Of The Party comes to life as players become part of the game by wearing their player on a lanyard and physically moving between different rooms. Game pieces (cards, envelopes, etc.) are well illustrated with a detective theme present throughout. We were a little skeptical about moving around and thought it would be a useless filler mechanic to the game. Oh were we wrong! This adds to much to the game as you actually have to use the rooms to your advantage and commit your murders in private.

We also loved that this game can handle a relatively large group of people with up to nine people playing. Getting everyone on the same page while explaining the game rules took a bit of time (about 30 minutes). Once everyone was on the same page the game begun and very few questions emerged. After the first game you could tell brain gears were turning as everyone could see how they could have played the game slightly better to their advantage. With as little as a 30 minute play time we were able to play a few rounds which gave just about everyone the chance become a murderer.

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