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Players score points by enticing crows to flock to their shiny object.
Players:2 - 4
Time: 15-45min
Genre:Tile Placement

Tyler Sigman's Crows is a competitive tile placement game where every player takes on the role of an Outcast Mage in the world of Tessandor. A once-in-a-lifetime event is causing the crows of the Obsidian Wastes to give off mana that can be collected in magical stones. Players score points by enticing crows to flock to their totem (their shiny object). This can potentially create murders of crows, which then disperse throughout the ever changing map keeping the strategic gameplay tense and diverse.

Note on Deluxe Edition: Game comes with metal coins for score tracking, a limited edition box sleeve, a sheet with new expansion and solo rules, and several new crow meeples for the expansions.

During a game of Tyler Sigman’s Crows, you and your opponents take on the role of an outcast mage in the world of Tessandor. The mages are drawn to the Obsidian Wastes where a rare geological event is causing the Crows to give off mana that can be collected in mana stones for later use.

To win the game you must be the mage with the most mana stones when the end of the game occurs, at the end of the round that the Nightfall tile is drawn.

Inside Tyler Sigman’s Crows you will find:
61 Map Tiles
1 Nightfall Tile
1 First Player Token
59 Mana Stone Tokens
4 Mana Corruption Tokens
36 Crows
1 Queen
4 Mana Totems
24 Spell Cards
4 Character Cards

How to Play:
Players take turns placing a map tile from their hand, then placing their mana totem on an empty map tile, and then optionally casting a spell if they have one in hand. After each player has taken a turn, the Crows on the board will flock to the nearest player and players will score one mana stone for each Crow that is their square. Play will continue in consecutive rounds until a player draws the Nightfall tile and at the end of that round whoever has the most mana stones wins the game.

An Evolving Map:
Every game of Tyler Sigman’s Crows is different as the map is built uniquely because of the variety of map tiles. Each tile has different rules with some adding crows, or awarding spells, or changing how the Crows flock at the end of each turn. These map tiles along with the Spells and player choices ensures that every game of Tyler Sigman’s Crows plays entirely different from each other game.

Creating Murders:
If a player scores 6 or more crows on a single map tile, they have created a Murder! That player would pick up all the crows on the tile with two of them leaving as a mated pair, and then return the other crows on the board in a spiraling pattern around the original tile. Additionally, the area becomes corrupt with mana and a token is placed on the original tile forcing players to stay away from the area until the corruption subsides. The distribution of crows from a Murder moves them away from the players and they will need to be enticed again in a future turn to provide more mana stones.

The Endgame:
As the game continues, players will block each other, or just straight steal crows from each other using strategic placement of the map tiles and the spells they’ve gained along the way. Once the Nightfall Tile is drawn and the round is over, the winner is the player with the most points in mana stones.

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