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Battlestations and Expansions

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A game of heroic starship adventure where you get to be a character aboard a starship on amazing adventures. Perform your starship functions on a hex map simultaneously while playing your character actions taken on the modular starship map.
Players:1 - 9
Time:1 - 3 hours
Genre:Scifi Battle


Battlestations is the game of heroic starship adventure where you get to be a character aboard a starship on amazing adventures. Unlike all other roleplaying games, in Battlestations, your starship functions on a hex map simultaneously with and driven by your character actions taken on the modular starship map. If you want your ship to turn or accelerate, you have to go to the helm, spend helm power and attempt a piloting check based on the size and speed of your ship. If you don’t have power, you have to get to an engine and make an engineering check to pump for more power. When you fire the ship’s cannons at a target the difficulty is determined by the distance to the target in hexes and their speed. If you hit, you randomly determine where the shot falls. Ship’s shields mitigate the damage but those in the line of fire suffer damage. Strong enough hits will break modules. It feels like you are on a starship. Every action you take has consequences. Do you teleport to the enemy ship or blast them from a distance? What if there is no enemy ship? Perhaps there is a space monster or diabolical trap to extricate yourself from.

Create and rank up a unique character

You don’t just quit after one mission. Characters rank up and gain skills and special abilities.

There are over a hundred special abilities such as brutal, cortex overloader, slipster, hot dog, jetpack jockey, jury rigger and more!

There are dozens of species including stony silicoids that resist damage or infinite handed beings. From whaloids to minutians, humans to time-hopping chronosians, there is plenty of room to stand out.

Open the box and play

Battlestations was originally designed as a “one versus many” game but can be played unmoderated or in head to head play.

Each mission plays in one session and is ready to go out of the box. There is minimal setup and zero prep work involved.

The hundreds of missions created so far for this game over the last twenty years only scratch the surface. You are free to create whatever you can imagine.

The game is relatively simple. There are 5 skills. Each turn, you move and act. You choose an action and add your skill number to the roll of 2 dice.

Incredible Depth

We’ve been building the rich history of this galaxy for twenty years. You can take it wherever you want to go!


Battlestations is a tabletop starship simulator – a multi-map board game that simultaneously features ship-action in space AND the events on board the ships involved in the conflicts. It is also a roleplaying game in which your characters grow throughout campaigns, picking up experience points, upgrades, and new abilities.

This Battlestations Starships Expansion includes new minis for the 6 "classic" races of Battlestations (human, silicoid, canosian, tentac, xeloxian, and zoallan), each with their own special ability and play style, plus a planet mini, a fighter mini, and 12 missile minis. Also included is a 24 page booklet containing 8 new missions, new rules for ship advancement, new abilities, and treasure!


Just the missiles from the starship pack because you can always use more missiles.


Bring your battles down to the planets with Dirtside.

Dirtside is a co-operative board game for 1-8 players featuring a full story-driven campaign, plus dozens of one-off missions. There are scores of unique planets to explore, including the homeworlds of every alien species from Dirtside and its companion game, Battlestations Second Edition.

You and your friends are a team of heroes in the far future, landing your starship on mysterious planets, with adventures such as raiding, rescuing, fighting, and escaping. In each mission, your team will have an objective to cooperatively accomplish, with threats like motor gangs, natural disasters, or planetary bombardment. Each planet has its own attributes like low-gravity, lava flows, or tectonic drift. You can combine your actions to do fun things like ram a jetcar into a building (to turn the building into a crater), or try to put out a fire before it reaches your ship. Your characters start with a special ability, weapons, and an ability for your species. You gain experience over time, rank up, and can purchase equipment between missions, plus gain new abilities.

If you own Battlestations, your characters are already fully compatible with Dirtside, and you can transition seamlessly between Battlestations (missions in space) and Dirtside (missions on planets). What will YOU discover, Dirtside?


available in paperback and hardback


The 40 minis that come with Dirtside for those who want even more.


These 4 boards punch out and fold up to make 13 buildings made as terrain for Battlestations Dirtside but suitable for any sci-fi miniatures game at 1" scale.

Here's a video about how to put them together.