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As You Love It

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Willy ShakySpears brings you a romantic comedy brain teaser with hilarious twists behind every card!
Players:1 - 6
Time:45 min
Genre:Deck Building Brain Teaser

Card Game Comedy
It's time for the annual contest of the cupids! The cupids have come to a local high school and will compete to be crowned the champion matchmaker. Each player has a set of couples to match. Make the hookups by lining the couples' hearts together. By using cards from your hand, you can spin, shift, and swap the character cards to achieve victory! Willy ShakySpear's AS YOU LOVE IT is a card game romantic comedy with hilarious twists behind every card. Fall in love with Touchstone, Phoebe, Silvius and the whole cast!

GAME GENRE: Deck Building Brain Teaser

140 Cards
8 oversized character cards

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