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Annihilation Zombies

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Alliances and Betrayals await as you fight off attacking zombies and sneaky friends as well as unexpected events that could really turn the tables.
Players:3 - 8
Time:60 min
Zombies start the turn by attacking the Active survivor. Zombies are here to bite you so protect yourself and kill them first! Any zombie you kill will drop loot for you to collect at the end of your turn!

Loot Consists of Weapons, Equipment, and Survival cards. Weapons and equipment cards are played on the field to help you fight zombies where as Survival cards are one time use cards that help you mess with other players during your turn or theirs.

Event cards are given in the Locked and Loaded Expansion and exist to mix up your day. Sometimes good events take place but lets be honest, in the zombie apocalypse there are rarely good events.