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Wealth of Nations Super Set

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In Wealth of Nations, you take on the role of a national leader. Your goal is to take your nation from humble beginnings to the status of a world economic superpower. You achieve this by building Industries, which allows you to produce Commodities. There are six types of Industry tiles: Farms, Generators, Academies, Mines, Factories, and Banks. Each Industry is capable of producing a certain type of Commodity: Food, Energy, Labor, Ore, and Capital.

Each Commodity has one or more uses in the game. For example, Food is required to feed your Industries when they produce, while Capital is used to build certain types of Industries. As you build Industries, you create ever larger Industrial Blocs. The larger a Bloc is, the greater your return on investment when the Bloc produces Commodities.

The main focus of the game is trade.
Because it is economically unfeasible to produce every Commodity you need, you must engage in trade to get the Commodities that you require. Each Commodity has a trade value influenced by the Markets.

See the Dice Tower review of Wealth of Nations:

There is one Market for each type of Commodity. If you can't gain a Commodity that you need by trading with your fellow players, you must buy it from the Market. Buying a Commodity from the Market increases its price, reflecting increased demand. Similarly, there are times when you can't unload your surplus Commodities because your fellow players have no need for them. If you wish to earn money from these Commodities, you must sell them to the Market. Selling a Commodity to the Market decreases its price, reflecting increased supply.

As you build new Industries and earn more money, you acquire Victory Points. The player with the most Victory Points at the end of the game, i.e., the player with the most valuable combination of Industries and money, is the winner.

1 Game Board,6 Market Boards, 15 Farm Tiles,9 Generator Tiles,9 Academy Tiles
9 Mine Tiles, 9 Factory Tiles, 9 Bank Tiles, 60 Food Cubes,50 Energy Cubs
50 Labor Cubes, 40 Ore Cubes, 40 Capital Cubes, 200 Monetary notes, 30 Promissory Notes, 9 Automation Tokens
6 Nation Reference Cards, 1 Setup Card, 108 Flags, 1 First Player Marker, 1 Rule book

How will you build your Nation?


Thunder on the Horizon. War Machines are rumbling to life and the peaceful economies of the land tremble in fear. Will your nation be able to stand in the face of War or will it fall to the military might of your neighbors? Can you negotiate the delicate balance between putting resources into building your economy and creating armies to vanquish your opponents?

A whole new way to play Wealth of Nations including:

New rules to wage war on your neighbors!
Brand new Super Industry Tiles (dual commodity)
Official Second Edition Rules updates.
New rules for a faster game!
Optional rules
Rules for two Players

Peace or War?

See this Dice Tower Review of the official expansion to Wealth of Nations.


Super Industry Tiles (x2 sets)

The second official expansion to Wealth of Nations. The Super Industry Tiles allow you to play in new and creative ways. This mini-expansion contains the Super Industry Tiles rules and 3 new tiles including:

Integrated Economy Tile - This tile is combines farms and generators together on one tile. It allows for new side by side development of these blocs.
Financial Center Tile - The new center of a mega bank bloc that allows for 5 bank tiles to be played together. This completed mega Bank bloc can produce $180 per turn!
War Economy Tile - The clouds of war demand additional Energy and Labor and the War Economy Tile allows you to produce more of both. It combines Academies and Farms together on one tile.

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