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Build a petting zoo, Sacrifice your visitors, protect your Satanimals and obliterate your rivals!
Genre:Set Collection

SATANIMALS is a light-hearted, strategic card game where players gather satanic creatures, attract visitors and hire Zoo Keepers to build the ULTIMATE demonic petting zoo!

Sacrifice your visitors (What better way to thank them for coming than by tossing them into the Sacrificial Pit?) to steal rival's cards, or destroy their collections!

Protect your SATANIMALS and obliterate your rivals!


The goal of Satanimals is to build and maintain the ULTIMATE demonic petting zoo!

Draw visitors, zoo keepers and SATANIMALS from the queue of cards to help you expand your zoo. Visitors may be kept for points or tossed into the sacrificial pit to stop rivals petting zoos from progressing.

There are 5 different SATANIMALS to collect for your petting zoo in order to attract visitors: Karma the Dog, Ouija the Alpaca, Lucifer the Goat, Envy the Peacock and of course, Sloth the Sloth!

Place your SATANIMALS down in stacks, the more SATANIMALS in a stack, the more points it's worth. But be wary, a zoo doesn't run itself... You will need to hire zoo keepers to protect you animals from any nasty sacrifices conducted by your opponents.

How will you build your zoo? Quickly, to catch your opponents off guard, or slowly, to amass a grand amount of points?


Player Count: 2-4 (Works great with all player counts)

Time: ~15 - 20 minutes

Age: 13+



  • 127 Quality Cards
  • 2 Wooden Tokens
  • 1 Badass Box (with sacrificial pit!)
  • and of course a Rules Sheet!