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Round House

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Bring glory to your family in this rondel set collection game.
Players:2 - 5
Time:60 - 90 min
Genre:Worker Placement/ Set Collection

The round houses (a.k.a., Fujian Tulou) are unique rural dwellings that can be found in the mountain areas in southeastern Fujian, China, dating back to the Ming dynasty (17th century). A round house is a large, multi-floor, enclosed, and fortified earth building housing usually a whole clan, which functions as a village and is known as "a little kingdom for the family".

In the game Round House, players are the head of a family who tries to lead their members to glory. By visiting merchants and acquiring the help of specialist, you can expend your influence event face ruthless pirates.At the beginning of each year the whole family must come together to pay respect to the ancestors and present your accomplishment.

Round House successfully combines classic gaming mechanisms with traditional culture, bringing oriental colors into your game play experience.

Game Play

Round House is a game with straight forward rules but provides endless possibilities. The different actions allow players to devise their strategy freely. 

Players take turns moving their pawns around the circular building in one direction, stopping on various merchants with different offerings.

Whether you end up achieving your goals, depends on clever strategy and improvisation. Performing different actions to get goods, trade goods for money, hire experts, send family members for distant business, and eventually bring the families home to worship the ancestors. By cleverly moving your pawns around the round house and maximizing the performance of your faithful family members, you might become the most glorious family and win the game! 



1 Game Board (60.5x43.5cm)
1 Ancestral Hall tile (with 3 legs)
5 Player boards (20x9.5cm)
1 Reference Board (20x9.5cm)
8 Action tiles (3 large, 5 small)
1 Traveling Merchant tile
10 Pirate tiles
4 Temple tiles
18 Amulets (2x each kind)
50 Coins (30x bronze value 1, 20x silver value 3)

44 cards (62x87mm):
20 Order cards (double-sided)
24 Expert cards (8 each of Horse, Dragon, Phoenix)

1 Round marker (black cube)
45 Basic Resources (15x each green Tea, yellow Fruits, blue Celadon cubes)
10 Gold (yellow cubes).