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Revengineers: The Times Bandit (Expansion)

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An Expansion For Revengineers! The Reverse Engineering Party Dice Game
Players:3 - 10
Time:30 + mins

Level 2: Officer

Well, Spanks the Clown is at it, again…

The Circuit Clowns have found a way to replicate and multiply their cyber attacks, from within our own networks!  Additionally, they have added a time limit to the virus.  If we can’t debug their programs in time, then our mainframe is going to crash.  We MUST stop him!

You and your friends will love this expansion to REVENGINEERS!  It ups the anti by introducing multiplication into the programs, replication of the virus, and time limits to each round.

If you think that you have mastered the art of Algorithmic Multivariate Destructuring, think again.  You’ve only scratched the surface.

See if you can become the first to conquer…
REVENGINEERS! The Times Bandit


New in the Expansion

This is an expansion to the original game.  It can not be played without the original game.

ALL OR SOME of the following options may be played with this expansion:

Program Cards
Add the 64 Program Cards into the “DO” draw pile.

Time Limits
When the Virus Player says “go”, they start the sand timer.  If the timer runs out before anyone successfully debugs the virus, then the Circuit Clowns win, the round is over, and the next player becomes the Virus Player.  Discard the Program Cards.  When a Revengineers says “debug”, the timer is put on its side.  If the debugging attempt is unsuccessful, then immediately restart the timer from its previous place.

When a player runs out of debug tokens, then they become an infected computer, and may look at the virus cards and are allowed to “Execute” the program as another Virus Player.  During a debugging attempt, ALL Virus Players must agree that a debug statement is close enough to determine its success.


Additional info:

This game builds upon the Algorithmic Multivariate Destructuring that we introduced in the original game.  It continues to teach people how to isolate and solve for an unknown number of variables in an unknown problem set.  However, it increases the number of variables in the game, and adds increased pressure through time limits.

As in the original, as you play, you develop a cognitive algorithm for solving algorithms and unknown problem sets.  By now, you've gotten much better at the basics, and you need increasing complexity to challenge you further.  As promised, we got you covered!

This base game has 3 levels of difficulty, or “Threat Levels”:

Threat Level 1 = 5 Variables, and 36 possible programs.

Threat Level 2 = 8 Variables, and 1152 possible programs.

Threat Level 3 = 13 Variables, and 40,320 possible programs.

THIS expansion increases the difficulty as follows:

Threat Level 1 = 8 Variables, and 100 possible programs.

Threat Level 2 = 11 Variables, and 3,200 possible programs.

Threat Level 3 = 16 Variables, and 320,000 possible programs.

When playing the virus replication option, you now have to contend with more than one perspective, which makes the game sometimes easier, and sometimes more difficult.


  • 64 pcs. Program Cards
  • 1 pc. 3-Minute Sand Timer
  • Expansion Rules