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Junk Spirit Games

Battle of the Bards: Taverns Pack [Expansion]

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Build a deck of bards and manipulate piles of dice to win over the audience!
Players:2 - 4
Time: 20-60min
Genre:Deck-Buildiing, Dice rolling
(Battle of the Bards Core game required to play)

This Listing is for both of these expansions show below 

The Taverns Expansion is a fixed pack of cards (each pack is the same) that includes new cards for your Battle of the Bards game:

  • Rules card
  • 15 Tavern Cards

Obviously you will need a copy of Battle of the Bards to use this expansion, and it will add new content and rules!

Taverns are different locations in the Tessandor universe and work like global events that change the game depending on where you and your band are performing.

Card Expansion 1 pack contains:

  • 4 new lead Bard Cards
  • 4 new Encore Cards
  • 6 new Audience Cards
  • 1 new rule cards